College Applications and Board Games

The college application process can be maddeningly confusing and arcane, forcing students and parents to negotiate a delicate series of variables for only a slim chance of getting into their school of choice. All any of them can do to stay sane is to treat the whole thing like an elaborate game. The stakes might… Continue reading College Applications and Board Games

Board Gamer New Year’s Resolutions

As board gamers, we’re quite familiar with the rules. New Year’s resolutions are made in January, obviously. They’re broken by February, for sure. They’re entirely forgotten by March, this much we know. Yet last year, we decided to make them anyway. How did we do? Likely not well, but just like in most games, we’re… Continue reading Board Gamer New Year’s Resolutions

Life Improvements With Board Games

Let’s be honest: We all want to feel better, live longer, make more money, improve our fitness and, of course, stop having wants we know can’t be achieved. Savvy capitalists are capitalizing on this trend by offering all manner of ways to improve people’s lives—whether it’s through motivational speeches, fad diets or a regimen of… Continue reading Life Improvements With Board Games