Bringing People Together with Board Games

A holiday season is approaching unlike any other. This year, family plans are being canceled and group activities are being discarded in favor of remote gift-giving. Yes, it’s upsetting not to be able to check in on Nana or enjoy the sweet treats she usually bakes around this time, but that’s not to say you… Continue reading Bringing People Together with Board Games

How Board Games Have Prepared Us to Vote

The upcoming presidential election has been called the most important in our lifetime—a phrase not heard since the last election, or the one before…or the one before. Still, the main message politicians are trying to convey is the importance of voting, regardless of candidate. We agree. Without voting, the game Avalon would be reduced to… Continue reading How Board Games Have Prepared Us to Vote

Sugar and Games — A Winning Combo!

While trick or treating might not look exactly like it has in years past, Halloween in 2020 promises to reward our homebody existence and tenacious, militant hand washing habits with the sweet, sweet nectar it always has: sugar. Specifically, chocolate, caramel, hard candy, wafers and a variety of nougats—many of which have not yet been… Continue reading Sugar and Games — A Winning Combo!

Why board games are great wedding gifts

Because many spring nuptials have been pushed back due to the pandemic, late summer and early fall have become somewhat of a wedding season this year. Many of these ceremonies are slated to take place over video chat, where the guests are limited and gifts can no longer be presented person-to-person. Now is the time… Continue reading Why board games are great wedding gifts

Board Games – An American Pastime

Despite the tumultuous nature of the news these days, July 4th provides an opportunity to appreciate the things that remind us of good ol’ Americana: baseball, apple pie, fireworks and delightfully overeating. But there’s an argument to be made for including board games into the list of great American pastimes. And that argument is as… Continue reading Board Games – An American Pastime

First game night outta quarantine

As various stay-at-home orders are lifted across the country, now is the time to consider how to best adapt your virtual board game night into an actual, in-person board game night. (Remember those!?) Here’s a guide on how to return to a sense of normalcy without rushing right back into the fold: Lean on engine-building… Continue reading First game night outta quarantine

What we miss during quarantine

The world marches on under stay-at-home orders in most states, which means that connections are largely happening in a digital format. The technology is incredible and serves to link gamers together for some online play when necessary. But for all the miracles of modern science, a few things lack when games aren’t able to be… Continue reading What we miss during quarantine

UnboxBoardom Announces Sponsorship of David Leavitt

UnboxBoardom, a monthly service where subscribers can choose from one of three curated board games to receive each month, and David Leavitt, a freelance writer and social media influencer, have announced a new sponsorship deal that will help each other grow their presence together in the online board gaming scene. UnboxBoardom will be providing David Leavitt… Continue reading UnboxBoardom Announces Sponsorship of David Leavitt

Quarantining and Board Games

Games come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, languages and themes, but one constant variable stretches across them all: Players must be in the same room as one another while playing. Our current world circumstances, plagued with the possibility of COVID-19 infection, renders this one prerequisite for gaming nearly impossible to fulfill—not to mention… Continue reading Quarantining and Board Games