Road Trip Board Gaming

As gas prices begin their marginal decline to the bottom, the time has finally come for us sheltered board gaming hermits to venture forth in our cars to some fun and exciting road trip destinations across the United States (and Canada). But other than taking a tour of our country’s great gaming cafes, what other destinations are worth adding to our list of destinations? Behold, some spots you should be sure not to miss, plus a bit of info on what makes them so great for board gaming…

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Grand Canyon

Mistakes happen, and you’d be forgiven if you had an urge to flip the game board in frustration when you fail to see a good move or find yourself on the receiving end of some bad luck in dice rolls. For dramatic effect, set your table up on the lip of this miracle of the natural world and flip into the same wind that our forefathers inhaled. Watch as the board tumbles down the side and impales itself on a bed of spiky rocks; the cards from the game flapping around as they nestle on top of the river and float to the freedom afforded to anyone in the Wild West nursing a dream. Marvel as the sky turns to black and the righteous lightning zaps your opponents to oblivion for littering. Truly a sight not to miss.

The Alamo

You promised you would never forget, so stay true to your word and remember to visit this Texas landmark. The dilapidated walls are great for insulating your board game against the elements and drawing focus back to the board itself and away from the traumatic memories associated with the reason why we’re not told to forget The Alamo.

Mount Rushmore

Board gaming is hardly a spectator sport, but that’s not to say players wouldn’t appreciate a few folks cheering them on from the sidelines, even if that does mean some added pressure looms large in the background. Well, speaking of looming, thousands of eyes can hardly compare to eight majestic, mammoth eyes burning holes in the back of your head—even if Teddy Roosevelt forgot his glasses. Let the disconnected stone skulls of four great past presidents motivate you to perfect your gameplay and, if you play well, sign a few endorsement deals.

World’s Largest Penny

Located in Woodruff, Wisconsin, this landmark begs the question, “What if there was another massive Abraham Lincoln artifact but this time plastered on a worthless piece of currency?” Also known as the world’s largest replacement Monopoly token.

Your Basement

You were told to have your oil checked a few years ago, and that “check engine” light has been on since Beanie Babies first attained popularity. Who’s to say why the car broke down in the driveway, then? An act of chance? An impossible feat of odds stacked against you? If only there were any warnings you could have noted before purchasing 300 pounds of Gummy Bears for the road—how much heartburn could you have saved? At least you can game in your birthday suit without fear of judgment or, as the case may be, sunburn.

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