April Sayings for Board Games

Spring has officially sprung, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate or feel quite spring-y just yet in parts of the country. The slow inching away from winter has become the norm over the last few years, and has imbued a particular saying with more truth and meaning: “April showers bring May flowers.” More than simply providing a bit of sing-song-iness to a weather forecast, the phrase is an anthem for anyone beaten down by winter—a rallying cry for patience and optimism, and a call for more Vitamin D. As the phrase echoes in our minds, we can’t help but appreciate its rhythm and cadence, plus how the structure can be applicable to hopeful board gaming phrases as well. To wit:

Jenga Towers Fall For Hours

It requires a ton of effort and time to get a Jenga tower situated just right, yet only a few seconds for all of that hard work to come toppling down. The trick, then, is to stretch the deconstruction process to be close to as long as the construction process. Failing locating a low gravity gaming locale, find your inner zen and visualize pieces tumbling to the ground in super slow motion. We make our own realities, they say.

Board Game Selection Needs No Introspection

This serves as a gentle reminder that, when choosing the board game for the moment, look outward for true clarity, not inward. Your friends and gaming partners are the ones who will influence the vibe of the game you ultimately choose, as your internal turmoil might drive you to pick yet again from the horror genre or to select something requiring massive amounts of painful brain activity simply to figure out how to play. Register your feelings, but bury them deep down where they will obviously stay hidden forever and not boil to the surface at all.

Roll the Dice or Pay the Price

Little did anyone know, but board games contain a secret path to victory not spelled out in the instruction manual or within any in-game material, and that’s to pay off your friends to throw the board game. Who needs luck when you’ve got a fat wallet and literally nothing better to spend your money on?

Play to Win, Just Like Rin Tin Tin

It’s complicated to be a police officer today, but what’s even harder is to be a police officer without the ability to pick up paperwork with your paws—or, so you’d say if you were Rin Tin Tin, television’s famous canine cop. Did you know that police examinations and physical challenges are heavily biased towards human applicants? What’s a dog to do other than rise to the occasion? Learn from this real-life example.

Before You Lose, Try To Snooze

Loser are many things, but the most important among them is “awake.” Your friends can’t beat you if you’re totally zonked out! It’s why the best pro gamers are narcoleptic: No saying can be as motivating as a good night’s sleep. 

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