Why board games are great wedding gifts

Because many spring nuptials have been pushed back due to the pandemic, late summer and early fall have become somewhat of a wedding season this year. Many of these ceremonies are slated to take place over video chat, where the guests are limited and gifts can no longer be presented person-to-person. Now is the time to utilize your board game savvy and prove the old maxim you made up: Couples that game together, stay together. Here are four reasons why games make the best wedding gifts this year:

Games typically require, at minimum, two players

Just because a couple is tying the knot doesn’t mean they’re necessarily finished getting to know one another—loose strings are bound to unravel at some point. Force those conversations between copulating couples by gifting them what is essentially a getting-to-know-you tool. Games nurture competition, which is sure to draw out unsavory personality traits that may not have surfaced in casual conversations or between loving coos. They also reward multiple ways of thinking, which is valuable information to store for when you steel yourself for a fight with your significant other. And without other players, no half of the couple can hide behind compatriots by blaming them for aggressive plays. Couples therapy comes in many forms.

Games stand out as distinct gifts

No one can realistically say that they’re psyched to give newlyweds five of the 16 silver dinner forks they’ve registered for. Short of labeling each piece of dinnerware for the gift giver, it’s impossible to remember who contributed to which grouping of gifts. A game, however, is both affordable enough to serve as a solo gift (or part of a grouping of games) and distinct enough to stand out on a table full of presents. Games also require personalized thank you cards—after all, how can anyone properly express their gratitude without actually playing?

Games transport players to exotic locales

It’s currently unclear when air travel will run relatively COVID-free and when foreign countries will start allowing Americans onto their shores without the requirement to quarantine for 14 days. This means, unfortunately, that honeymoons have largely fallen by the wayside unless they involve some sort of hermetically sealed automobile. Now is the time to dust off the ol’ imagination, and games do wonders in terms of inspiration. Jet set to the beautiful beaches of Forbidden Desert, dive into Incan ruins by playing Escape or head to the tropical confines of a remote island in Taluva. Stay away from Pandemic, though, unless you’re psyched to pretend you’re currently on a disease-ridden planet not unlike our own.

Games come in big boxes

Imagine a hefty, sheet cake-sized box covered in shiny wrapping paper and topped with a reflective silver bow. Now imagine a pile of envelopes. Arguably, that pile contains more monetary value than what’s in the box (unless it’s full of bitcoins), but a bunch of checks doesn’t quite feel like a gift, does it? In this virtual world in which we live, the tangible and tactile stands out. Let these newlyweds experience the joy they felt on Christmas, Hanukkah, their childhood birthday parties and other special occasions by presenting them with something they can shake, touch, tear into and, in some rare cases, taste and smell. For a few extra bucks, you could tip the wedding band to include a drumroll, too.

And if you want don’t know what board game to gift someone for a wedding, we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest a board game subscription such as UnboxBoardom, where the recipient can choose the games and keep the fun going all the way to their anniversary!

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