UnboxBoardom Announces Sponsorship of David Leavitt

UnboxBoardom, a monthly service where subscribers can choose from one of three curated board games to receive each month, and David Leavitt, a freelance writer and social media influencer, have announced a new sponsorship deal that will help each other grow their presence together in the online board gaming scene.

UnboxBoardom will be providing David Leavitt with resources to help him dive deeper into the hobby. David Leavitt will be posting about UnboxBoardom to his social media accounts each month for the next year.

“I’ve seen David Leavitt’s unique posts about board games and how games should be inclusive and welcoming of everyone, and I’m excited to work with him,” says UnboxBoardom founder and CEO Phil Jacobs. “He’s really passionate not only about games, but making the world a better place. That dovetails nicely with our values.”

“I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity,” says David Leavitt. “With thousands of new board games released each year it’s impossible to try even a fraction of them all. Now thanks to the generosity of UnboxBoardom, I’ll now have the means to significantly grow my personal collection and become more of an authority in this space.”

“I’m happy to help David Leavitt discover this hobby and share it with his followers,” adds Phil Jacobs. “My goal with creating UnboxBoardom was to give others the same opportunity of collecting, sharing, and discovering new board games with their family and friends.”

About UnboxBoardom

UnboxBoardom is the best subscription service for board games. Every month UnboxBoardom subscribers can pick from a curated list of board games to have delivered straight to their door to keep. You can follow UnboxBoardom on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

About David Leavitt

David Leavitt is a freelance writer and social media manager who’s work has been featured in Yahoo!, Examiner, CBS, Blasting News, and AXS Music TV. He has over a quarter million fans across his social media accounts. You can follow David Leavitt on TwitterInstagramTwitchYouTubeFacebook, and TikTok.

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