For the love of the (board) game

Whether you’re on a first date, a last date (we’re sorry) or anything in-between, playing a board game is the perfect way to inject some romance into the evening. It’s why board game bars and cafes are on the rise as ideal date night out destinations. Even the weather cooperates and sends us indoors with chilly February gusts, inspiring many to snuggle underneath blankets. Here are some reasons to consider playing a board game this Valentine’s Day:

Board games reveal a lot about a person

Marilyn Monroe once said, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best,” and the phrase has been co-opted by dating profiles as a rallying cry to weed out those unworthy of your love. Cut right to the chase by playing a game, an activity guaranteed to bring out some unflattering behavior. Think you hold grace under pressure? Try embarrassing yourself in front of your date by committing to a losing strategy for hours at a time, or being forced to crown your opponent the victor when you misjudge them. Emotions include anger, frustration and sadness—but ultimately satisfaction in knowing that if your date doesn’t bolt, you’re meant to be.

They provide a chance to stare into each other’s eyes

There is no cardinal sin worse than checking your phone in the middle of playing a board game. It’s a sign that you’re not paying attention and therefore not taking the game seriously, or you’re quietly watching a YouTube video on how to work the system. Games provide an excuse to connect to the analog, which includes the company physically in the room with you. Notice your partner furrow their brow as they ponder their next move, or steal a moment of eye contact after a particularly thrilling turn—all the small physical gestures you find endearing. No need for words; let your eyes do the talking.

Games are artfully designed

When you and your partner do begin chatting, though, you won’t want for any topics beyond the game itself. The most enticing games bring their own flavor to the table, transporting you to a lush Japanese garden, the barren Mars surface or a locomotive in the Wild West barreling out of control—and each step of the game immerses its players into that world. Perhaps the theme of the game will jostle the memory of a funny anecdote you’ve forgotten, or your partner might really dig the art style of a particular board game and share with you with stories of their travels. Feel free to take a break between rounds and see where the conversation leads.

Hand gestures are on full display

Ready to take your flirting to the next level? Games are packed with little knick-knacks and figurines ripe for the pickin’, the strokin’, the caressin’ and the placin’ into suggestive positions. If the date is great, you’ll have them revved up for after the game is through. And if it’s an awful date, toss game pieces into the corner of the room as distractions so you can dash for the exit.

Want to give the gift of gaming this Valentine’s day? Head over to UnboxBoardom today to show someone how much you really love them!

One thought on “For the love of the (board) game

  1. Couldn’t agree more! My boyfriend and I always spend our Valentine’s Day weekend at a Boardgame/RPG Con every year, and take a break to have a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant. Boardgame sessions are the best dates!


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