Why board games make great gifts

board game gifts

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving–specifically fun, excitement, family bonding and the thrill of a well-timed, epic move. Here’s why games make for the ultimate stocking stuffer, or as the case may be, menorah-accompanier.

Board games aren’t THAT expensive

While there are certainly games that can run upwards of $100, sometimes in the thousands if they’re out of print, most hover around the $20-$50 range–a perfectly reasonable amount of money to spend on a loved one or even an acquaintance. Double up on game purchases to offer even more variety without draining your bank account! Consider part of the price being spent on yourself, as there’s a high probability the recipient will want to play a round right away, if for nothing else but to prove they truly liked it. Guarantee this happens by shredding the gift receipt.

Board games easily slot into themed gift bundles

Board games span every genre and point of interest. To name only a few, there are games set in the Wild West, medieval fields, space, more space, the future, the past, aboard trains, atop Mount Olympus, under the sea, in the land of chess-topia, Candy Land and so many more. There’s even a board game out there for your sister who recently became obsessed with stained glass window design. Snag a copy of Forbidden Desert and partner up with another family member planning to purchase a camel or rogue parts of a sand-faring airship, and you’ve got a themed bundle greater than the sum of its parts.

Board games are simple to wrap

Wrapping paper is flat and crinkles at the slightest bend outside a 90 degree angle. Ensure your presents are wrapped within an inch of perfection by picking a gift that contains no unsightly bulges or jagged edges. Board game boxes don’t require fancy wrapping paper, either. Feel free to dig up old newspapers and cut out the funny pages. We kid, of course–who’s ever heard of a newspaper these days?

Board games have cool names

“Gee, thanks for the socks” is a bummer of a sentence to hear, let alone say, for two reasons: The first being that the gift was composed of socks and nothing else, and secondly because the word “socks” is dull. One syllable? Forget it. Even the act of simply mouthing the word “Carcassone” resembles a gymnastic leap of linguistic beauty. Capture the thrill and suspense of a favorite action flick by shouting the name “Space Alert!” or “Escape!” complete with exclamation marks. The fun begins before you even open the box!

Board games are fun

Of course, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t already a fan of board games. They serve as great uniters of families, conduits to flex brain lobes and visually addicting pieces of miniature art. Other than friendship, give the best gift this holiday season.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the best ways to give the gift of fun, unique board game gifts is through our board game subscription service, UnboxBoardom! Let us know some of your favorite board games you’ve received as gifts

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