Board Game Halloween Costume Ideas

Board games are static objects, but Halloween provides a wonderful opportunity to bring those games to life in the form of a killer costume. Show off your gaming pride by adopting one of the following costume ideas and incorporating it into your next Halloween shindig.


One of the most recognizable game pieces makes for one of the most recognizable Halloween costumes. While lumbering around as a cardboard, rigidly structured Grimace-type, beware narrow door frames, hallways and drinking without a straw—your arms and hands won’t be flexible.

Bail of wheat

Currency in games often takes the form of paper money, though sometimes you can find gems, coins or other shiny objects that, under the right circumstances, can seem valuable. Not so for wheat—a key resource in games like Settlers of Catan, sure, but a dime-a-dozen all other times. Sometimes even cheaper. Aggressively take a stance against the power of the almighty dollar by dressing as a commodity only true gamers can appreciate. A budget costume idea, too!

Monopoly Man

Speaking of money…everyone knows Monopoly. The game has been printed in 103 countries and translated into 37 languages. Plus it’s fun to wear a monocle, even if it means squinting for hours to hold it in place! The only issue is that, by putting on this costume, you are tacitly condoning big money and the destruction of the middle class. Good luck meeting your future spouse!

An upright hourglass

This time keeper is a staple of any game in which you’re up against the clock; the last grain of sand careening through the narrow center is a death knell of your team’s turn. Serves as a reminder that life, like the desert found within its glass encasing, is fleeting and is best enjoyed on the beach. To reset the timer, do a keg stand!

All the missing pieces from your favorite game

Little knick-knacks and doo-hickeys from games come to represent money or other resources, but their miniscule size typically means they can often be found embedded below couch cushions or scattered throughout an area rug. Spend some time collecting all these pieces—an excuse to clean!—then hand them out at a party like they’re Halloween candy. Guaranteed to be trashed along with 3 Musketeers bars.

The scoring round

More a concept than a tangible object, this costume requires a plethora of tiny golf pencils and loose scraps of paper. Camp out in a corner chair and actively observe the party, scribbling notes along the way. Acknowledge nobody. Then, when the time is right, round up your friends and announce who has “won” the party. Share no methodology and award no real prizes. Kick over the food table and promptly exit in a flurry of wadded-up paper. The scoring round can be brutal.

What are your favorite board game costumes? Let us know in the comments below!

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