Giving Back

Helping people experience new games is one of the main reasons UnboxBoardom was founded.  However, not everyone has the financial means to purchase new games whenever they want. So, for every 10 new subscribers we receive, we donate board games to kids who otherwise cannot afford their own!

In keeping up with the spirit of giving back, over the last several weeks we have donated gift cards and subscriptions to two great causes.  The first event to which we donated was a silent auction at Temple Christian School in Perris, CA for their annual Family Reading Night.  The goal of the event was to get students excited about reading outside of the classroom.  We were happy to participate in this great event that raised funds for much needed classroom materials.

Books galore at the Family Reading Night!

The second event we donated to was Project: New Born.  This organization is not-for-profit that supports and maintains the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Holtz Children’s Hospital in Florida.  This fundraiser was originally scheduled to occur last fall, but the hurricane season in Florida had other plans and the event was postponed until this past spring.  We are happy to report that both the event and our silent auction item were huge hit (it even sold for over retail value!).

Excited bidder for an UnboxBoardom subscription!

At UnboxBoardom, we believe everyone should try to give back to others less fortunate when possible.  We thank both Temple Christian School and Project: New Born for letting us participate in their wonderful events!  Let us know in the comments your thoughts and what your favorite causes to donate to are!



4 thoughts on “Giving Back

  1. I would like to talk to someone about partnering with a non-profit that facilitates communication and relationships for children with hearing impairment. Thanks!


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